Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Ambitious Lecturer

lolx I wuz shocked when I heard sumthing which is ridiculous from my lecturer..
Perhaps I think my lecturer wuz "ambitious" hehe..but it is weird to me..sigh
1 of my classmate were talking about her country..
then my lecturer is so interested and she wanna ORGANISE a trip to the country OMG..
haha I won't tell which country it is but I can tell u that it is in africa..*speechless*
and she expect all of us to go there and learn things..
wow..I'm speechless about that..*I can't imagine myself to travel in africa country* haha!!
moreover, my fren wuz from melaka and my lecturer did asked my fren to bring the students to visit melaka..especially the foreign students..oh NO!!
sigh..I just went melaka last 2 months..*no man..this time I'm not going*
oh yea..there is another team building event..can say I'm forced to take part in the event..haihx nvm..maybe it is really fun and can get to know more frenz..haha!!
take it as holiday trip la..sigh

well..I have a question for my lecturer ambitious or mad?hehe *no offence*
u may leave the answer in the chatbox..

here we go..
23rd Feb 2008..Stadium Merdeka..8pm
I heard all of the front seats were booked or purchased..*is he dat popular?*
haha finally managed to get the tickets to attend the concert..

hehe broke the bank to buy the ticket..and eventually I'm not a fans of Jay Chou..
but nvm..I think he is really great..his songs were quite nice..
lets see what he got during his concert haha!! XD


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