Saturday, November 15, 2008

Spending spree

today is the last day Eric stayed in my house..
and it is the end of my "holiday"
after today I have to continue my assignments..
on the saturday morning..
we woke up in the 9am..
after that..we prepared to go city center..
not only that..
I'm prepared to continue my spending spree after last night..
and I'm ready to get the thing that is on my wish-list for a long time already..
lolx..I have to spend money it good or bad?
haha ^^
so firstly we went to bold street..
we step into this shop..

and guess what..
I bought this thing and the thing has been in my wish-list for a long time..
finally I got it..
haha yes..gonna show u all now..
but not telling the price about the camera..
*unless you ask me personally*
here we go..
officially introduced to u all..haha ^^

my Brand NEW Canon EOS 1000D

although it is not the best Digital SLR camera..
I will get a better one when I'm a better photographer.. has the same function as the EOS 450D
so it does not make any differences from the camera..
haha I love the camera..I have fulfilled my drean,,
and I'm prepared to snap nice photos in France (My xmas trip) gonna be a good holiday for me..
haha but I spend a lot during the weekend..
dat's why now I have to cut down my expenses..

after we bought the camera..
then we went to look for breakfast..
we supposed to eat "dim-sum" in the Chinese restaurant..
but the restaurant is not open until 12.00pm..
thus..we have our breakfast in the TOPCHEF restaurant..
sounds weird..the restaurant's name..
but the foods are not bad..
and it is very cheap too..4 pounds for each person..
burger with chips and drinks..

we got back to my house to get eric's luggage..
and it is time for him to go back to Bristol..
after I have sent him to the rail station..
I went to check my phone bill in the phone shop..
finally I got back to the library to continue my assignments..

and that's all for the day..
going for dinner right now..
have to cook again..sigh..
quite lazy actually hehe ^^
take care..
keep in touch..


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