Saturday, July 19, 2008

Genting Trip

Yeap..we used to go GENTING this time every year when Roger came back from US..haha same old thing as Nyet suggested the trip once again..haha this time one thing is different which is we stayed at the luxury room..MAXIMS is so luxury as I gonna show the photos later...haha and wat we did wuz still the same --> playing the Playstation 3..haaha last year we used to play playstation 2 but this time Roger got the new PS3 so we brought it there...hahah we went genting to play there..can u imagine that...haha however..we got sum problems setting up the electronic console becuz we are not able to find any adapter for the US-origin playstation..haha it takes long time to set up..when we got the adapter..the tv could not play the wuz frustrating and yet we are desperate to play the PS3 so we juz plug it into the bathroom mini LCD-TV..can u belif that?OMG thatz so funny..lolx during that nite..we watched the new movie ROGUE..the movie wuz so lame in the end..the crocodile looks fake..haha ^^

we took sum photos...lets go..

eric & me
we went the pub after dinner..

Eric, Roger, Nyet, Me
we took the photos with the big fat hummer..



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