Monday, December 15, 2008

The End & Xmas Dinner @ Flat

Have to say..." comes to the end.."
after spending weeks doing those s*** assignments..
that makes my life so busy and miserable..
because I did not sleep much and I have been living in a worried mood..
oh gosh..finally I'm done with it..
just submitted my last assignment in the afternoon..


and it is time to RELAX *Holidays*
I'm looking forward for the HUGE xmas trip - France & Belgium
gonna spend more than 2 weeks to travel..
just to relax before the exams..
in fact..exams are coming soon after the holidays..
I should relax myself during the trip..
no pressure and just enjoy the trip..
hopefully the trip will be a good one..

yes..not to forget..have to buy many souvenirs..
and I should get a luxury goods for myself..haha!

I have requested my flat mates to have xmas dinner together..
before we jet off for holidays..
John told me that it will be a brilliant xmas meal for me..
that's good..really looking forward for the dinner..

alright..the xmas decoration in the flat

and next..the xmas meal..
thanx to my flat mates for this wonderful dinner!!

what do you think about the meal?
please comments if you do have one..

before we start the dinner..
we should pose in front of the camera..

during the dinner..we play with the crackers..
and we shall see what we got..
of course..for me to be first..

a mystery calculator?
*click on the photo if you can't see it*
oh to use it?!?

Mark Stanier with the Cards
looks serious..why don't you smile?haha

Kieran Hulme
he looks so happy with the hair clip and mini phone book..isn't he?

Rob Ellis with the evil look
what are you doing?

John Finnemore
" are a jigsaw?"*from Rob*
but I think you are slightly looks like Rowan Atkinson = Mr. Bean
oops XD

after the dinner..
during the night..
it is PARTY TIME!!

we went to REVOLUTION for clubbing..
saw many chicks in the bar..not bad
anyway..we went home by 2am
when I'm going to bed..
suddenly I feel dizzy because I think I drank too much of whiskey haha!!
and fall asleep..zzZZZZZ


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