Sunday, December 21, 2008

Nice, France - 21.12.2008

It is the first day of my EURO trip..
and according to the plan..our first destination is Nice, France
however..we reached here last night..
and I will let the photos do the talking..
because there are many photos taken during the trip..
so Let's go!
in the early morning..
as we walked out from the hotel..

to be honest..there is no people in the street..
because it is too early!

just a snap of the bus in Nice, France

they use this for the decoration..u will see it with the lighting later

yeah..there is an "EYE" in the city

Eric, JaSoN and Roger with the Nice "EYE"

no comment about this..

I duno what's the building called

can you belif this is an opera theater?

feeling comfortable when looking at the sea..

that's me beside the sea

after that we are walking around the morning market..a.k.a Pasar Pagi
and guess what..
have you ever see this?

looks nice and cool

unfortunately we did not buy any one of this..

that's very cute

how they do this?

the "Pasar Pagi" - Morning Market

oh can people use this to cook?

try to guess what's that..
and i will let u know the answer..
leave ur answer in the chatbox

after that..
we are heading towards the next destination for sightseeing

eh hello..since when I become the cameramen?

we are walking up to the higher point to view the city of Nice, France

this is just the 2nd level..not the highest point..
look at the is a great place..

and the housing area..

oh no my legs are so tired..
after we reached the top level..
but that's what we will get during traveling right.. with the city of Nice, France

three of us again!

hey all of us put a signature on the only tree there..
to prove we were there..haha!
that's MINE!!

after we have finished..we are heading back..
on the way of going down..

sorry..I just feel like hitting the person who hold the camera

then we just walk around the city..
and we saw this shop selling wine..

so many wines..sigh

went into a church to see this..

haihx then I went to try the biscuit in a shop..
and it is very nice..but unfortunately I did not buy..sobx

then we walked to the places which around the hotel we stayed..

yeah..this is the city center..

we are now going to the casinos and luxury hotels..
to have a look..
and there are many nice cars in front of the hotels..
first of all..

and suddenly this car appear behind me..
I tell u what..I love this car..

isn't it cool?

the sports car in front of the luxury hotel with casinos..

the NEGRESCO hotel

what is that for?

JaSoN with Aston Martin car

Musee Massena - Museum of Massena

lastly..we feel so tired..
so we are heading back to the hotel..
on the way back..
this is how the XMAS celebration in that place..

lol now you see the tram in the city!

the night view of Jason with the Nice "EYE"

finally we have gone back to the hotel..
so tired now..signing off..
more to come from the EURO trip!!
good night =)


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