Friday, December 26, 2008

Paris, France - Day 3 - 26.12.2008

another day again..
as we approaches the 3rd day in Paris, France..'s BOXING day..
where there are unbelievable sales for the shopping in the UK..
but I hardly see the sales in France..
maybe they do not have it on this day..

ok..our journey for today..
- Stature of Liberty de Paris
- the Louvre Museum
- Stade de France
-Moulin Rouge
- La Defense

so in the early morning..
we are looking for the Stature of Liberty de Paris...
as we walking towards the stature..

next we are getting nearer to the stature..
and here is it..

feel like I'm in New York, US

and yet..

still able to see the Eiffel Tower

it is not as tall as the New York's one..

Jason with Stature of Liberty @ Paris

after that..
we went to the La Defense..

the shopping center near the La Defense..

Ferrero Rocher Design

amazing building design

and here is it..

Jason @ La Defense

the next destination would be the Louvre Museum

interior design of the Museum..

and we get into the Museum to check it out..
and these are the things inside the Museum..

this is funny..*Naked*

this gallery shows all the historical royal things


so many ppl are eager to get into the Museum..

Jason & Roger

Jason @ the Louvre

the next destination..
Moulin Rouge

Jason at the Moulin Rouge

we had our lunch in the 2nd largest china town in Paris..
and it is near the Moulin Rouge..
after the lunch..
we are heading toward our last destination for today..
the Stade de France
where FIFA world cup 1998 Final held at the stadium...

the station of Stade de France..

Jason is in Stade de France

after visiting the stadium..
we are back to the city center..
and we just shopping around..
went into the TOYOTA shop..

Toyota future car..

another one..

Toyota iQ
it is quite cute..
hopefully it will be available in Malaysia!

Paris Saint German official shop!

Nike Paris

saw this shoe in Chanel shop..
what a great design..

and finally..
we are heading to back to the hotel..
as it is the end of the day..
good night..


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