Friday, September 12, 2008

HATE Planning

yup..once again my plan failed..d*** it..eventually I planned to visit Bin and Sylvia in Nilai this afternoon but I failed to meet them because of some certain reasons like complete the banking stuffs..I have planned a nice outing with Bin and Sylvia because I'm going to fly off to UK next fri..ish..In the end, I have to sacrifice the outing with them..I really hate myself..I feel so sorry to them and so embarrassing for myself..Sometimes I think life is very hard for me..I duno which one to choose (in terms of family or frenz)..I always wanted my plans to go on smoothly...but I juz can't make it in the end..ppl do not understand me will think that I am purposely FFK them..well I will juz left it to wat they think..I really fight for it to make my plan to be a successful one..thatz why I argue with my family..I hate that they will just told there is an important thing for me in the last minute..and how many times I could tell my frenz I got something important to do?they will juz take it I FFK them..the truth is I do not want to FFK my frenz..other things are making it difficult for me..but wat can I do?thatz why I hate planning now..sometimes I really hate myself for FFK ppl..watz wrong with me?I'm so doomed and tired..haihx

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