Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Winter Season

Going into the 6th week in Liverpool, UK..
today - 28th of October..
yup again..I got no class today..sometimes it is quite boring..
and guess what..we are in the winter season..

the temperature getting lower day by day..
as well as the weather is so dry..
I duno how long can I stand with the weather..
sometimes I'm struggling to live in this type of weather..
I feel so cold now and I have to on my heater in my room..haihx..
looks like now it's time to buy winter clothes..
and few more days..it is Halloween day..
looking forward to that..

finally we had our first assignment group discussion..
yet again..I had some group members which are very t**..
I hate that..you should know what is that..f*** r****..
well what to do..sigh >.<"
anyway..I wanted to do well in my assignments..
I can't let them affect my studies..
luckily I got this european guy as my group member..
he is quite hardworking and intelligent..
we came out with a few ideas for the group assignments..
therefore, overall it is still good one..
hopefully we can do well..
and I hope to achieve a great score for the assignment..
thus we have to start to do some research..

toking about the life here..
it is much different here compared to life in Malaysia..
I have to live with myself now..
settle things by myself..
surviving by myself..
study alone..
going out alone..
going shopping alone..
well..although I have a few friends here..but we are not close enough..
that's why sometimes I still feel we have a gap between us..
not that close compared to the friends in Malaysia..
I duno whether this is part of our lives..
*where we have to go through these moments..
sometimes I feel helpless and I duno how..
what could I do was just searching things to do..
and hopefully the time would pass quicker..
I wouldn't say my life here is bad..
but it is just different..
just have to stay alone..well T.T
hopefully I can get on with these moments within seconds..
so I won't feel so disappointed..

I will just stop here..
hopefully everything get better..
good night..take care


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